March 1, 2024

Flying wheel hits spectator – Aluminium front wheel hubs now BANNED!

Wheel Hub (Front) Super StockImportant – Please Read

Alot of people either witnessed or heard about the incident that occurred at Rotorua’s Paradise Valley Raceway on Saturday, when a spectator was struck by a wheel that flew off Palmerston North driver Scott Joblin’s Superstock.

Joblin’s car was impounded for investigation into what caused the malfunction, and today Speedway New Zealand released the following statement on its website:

Stockcars & Superstocks – Front Wheel Hubs

In accordance with Rule C8(k)*, all aluminium front wheel hubs on Superstocks and Stockcars are now banned, pending further investigation.

This is effective immediately. Speedway NZ appreciates that there will be inconvenience to some competitors in terms of the time and cost to modify their vehicles, but this needs to be balanced against the need to maintain the highest possible safety requirements.

Please pass this information onto competitors who may be affected, so that they can make the changes in time to compete this weekend.

* Note: Rule C8(k) in the 2009 orange rulebook enables the Directors of Speedway NZ to alter or add to the regulations of any class, if an urgent safety issue is identified which requires prompt resolution to ensure the ongoing safety of the sport. This is also covered in Rule C11(i) of the 2010 constitution.

Make sure you pass the message on to your fellow speedway enthusiasts so everyone is aware of the new rule.

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