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ENZED Superstock Teams Champs – 7th & 8th Feb 2014 – Robertson Holden International Speedway, Palmerston North

ENZED Superstock Teams Champs

Palmerston Panthers as defending champions the will face a strong challenge from the Worlds best SuperStock Team drivers. Twelve Superstock Teams including the British Lions race for two hard, hectic days at Palmerston North Speedway, on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th in February.

2013 North Island Stockcar Championship

ENZED Superstock Teams Champs 2014

The Superstock Teams Champs, first won by the Palmerston North B Team in 1981. Spectators from around the world make an annual pilgrimage to Palmerston North for this International event that rivals the Rugby Sevens as the fans dress in their team colours.

Plus Burger King Super Saloon Championship – Camaros, Corvettes, Mustangs, Commodore V8’s racing as if there is “no tomorrow”!

Where: Palmerston North Speedway, 61 Pascal St, Palmerston North, Palmerston North, New Zealand (Show map)
Tickets from NZ$15.00 kids 8 to 15 to NZ$40.00 adults.Buy Tickets from the gate on race night or Ticket Direct.
Accommodation: Book your hotel in Palmerston North. Check out some online
Can’t make it? Check out the Live Stream for US$40 per night.

First night draw (as drawn on Radio Live Sport):

Group A
Baypark Busters
Auckland Allstars
Stratford Scrappers

Group B
Nelson Tigers
Rotorua Rebels
Great Britain Lions

Group C
Manawatu Mustangs
Wanganui Warriors
Canterbury Glen Eagles

Group D
Palmerston North Panthers
Hawke’s Bay Hawkeyes
Wellington Wildcats

Below is the list of confirmed team lineups as at 29/01/2014. They are subject to change.

Auckland Allstars
5a Brad Ridland
6a Steve Guilford
7a Scott Tennant
8a Bryce Marx
9a Jamie Fergusson
Baypark Busters
11m Kerry Remnant
12m Kyle Fraser
13m David Elsworth
14m Tony Wootton
15m Ross Ashby
Canterbury Glen Eagles
71c Ricky Boulton
72c Malcolm Ngatai
73c Trevor Mason
74c Shaun Pearson
75c Brad Rosewarne
Great Britain Lions
00gb Neil Scothern
01gb Tom Harris
02gb Daz Kitson
03gb Chris Brocksopp
04gb Chris Fort
Hawke’s Bay Hawkeyes
32b Regan O’Brien
33b Steve Jude
34b Mike McLachlan
35b Adam Groome
36b Murray Long
Manawatu Mustangs
62p Dave Tarrant
63p Adam Joblin
64p Jordan Dare
65p Asher Rees
66p Jack Miers
Nelson Tigers
82n Jared Gray
83n Dale McKenzie
84n Shane Harwood
85n Dale Ewers
86n Blair Cunningham
Palmerston North Panthers
5p Peter Rees
6p Scott Joblin
7p Peter Bengston
8p Scott Miers
9p Shane Penn
Rotorua Rebels
95r Scott Hewson
96r Lance Ashton
97r Jason Reidinger
98r Bryce Steiner
99r Graham McRobbie
Stratford Scrappers
41s Gary Johnson
42s Carl Shearer
43s Wayne Moss
44s Paul Johnson
45s Greg Moseley
Wanganui Warriors
14v Kyle Heibner
15v Dion Mooney
16v Kerry Podjursky
17v Ian Barron
18v Bevan Humphrey
Wellington Wildcats
5w Allen Levien
6w Dale Robertson
15w Paul Fairbrother
59w Wayne Hemi
91w Ron Tye


For more information on the 2-14 ENZED Superstock Teams Champs visit the Official Website here: www.pnspeedway.co.nz

Note: Rider line-ups, timings and programmed entertainment subject to change.



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