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NZ Super Saloon Championship – 10-11 Jan 2014 – Waikaraka Park Speedway

New Zealand Super Saloon Championship

The Valvoline New Zealand Super Saloon Championship is coming to Waikaraka Park Family Speedway on Friday the 10th and Saturday the 11th of January.

2013 NZ Super Saloon Championship

New Zealand Super Saloon Championship

44 of NZ’s top Super Saloon competitors are ready to battle it out on the dirt at Waikaraka Family Speedway on the 10th and 11th of January.

Support classes for Friday will be Six Shooters and Ministocks, and on Saturday nights support classes will be Stockcars and the Auckland Superstock Champs.

Scruitineering will be at the pit area from 2pm until 5pm. Eliminations will be run in 3 heats, SNZ Championship format with 4 groups of 11 cars. Saturday night there will be 2 repercharges and the first 2 cars in each repercharge will advance. On Saturday the finals will be run over three 15 lap races in the SNZ Championship format.

Don’t miss the action.

Where: Waikaraka Park Family Speedway, 175 Neilson Street, Te Papapa, Auckland, New Zealand (Show map)
Tickets from $10.00 for kids 8 to 15, seniors, and students with ID under 20. Adults (16+) $25.00 Family Pass (2 adults up to 4 kids) $50. Saturday prices for Adults is $25 and Family $60. Buy Tickets from the gate on race night or from iTicket
Accommodation: If you need accommodation, check out some hotels online or ask for options on our Facebook page

NZ Super Saloons Groups (as at 7/1/14):

Group 1
1NZ Mark Osborne
7M Brent Emmerson
21W Donald Gregory
36A Mike Pegler
41b Grahame Strong
43m John Roberts
63A Nigel Mouat
66H Craig Marsh
71C William Woodhouse
95b Johnny Browne
891C Josh Boulton

Group 2
2NZ Richie Taylor
5B Steve Flynn
53M Mark Hutchins
81M Dean Waddell
8H Craig Cardwell
24w Martin Halcrow
46E Paddy North
58A Max Andresen
48C Gavin Hill
98A Graeme Andrew

Group 3
3NZ Ian Burson
26T Shane McIntyre
88M Gavin Dyer
96A Lance Jennings
6C Dennis Bolt
12n Shane Carey
71M Russell Donovan
881C Bruce Bolton
46H Cody Hata
55A Geoff Gentry
86C Jason Moore

Group 4
6B Grant Flynn
27C Trevor Elliot
41M Terry Corin
46M Matt Smith
99A Shane McInteer
12M Kristin Vermeulen
21H Steve Williams
24A Ben Harding
33M Paul Carter
73C Mark “Fluffy” Grocott
492I Campbell McManaway

For more information on the NZ Super Saloon Championship visit the Official Website here: www.waikarakafamilyspeedway.co.nz

Note: Rider line-ups, timings and programmed entertainment subject to change.

2013-2014 Allocated Title Dates – SNZ

Below are the 2013/14 Allocated Title Dates for the new speedway season.


2013/2014 Allocated Title Dates


Key: Black = Approved, Red = change from the original date


Superstock Title Dates:

New Zealand: Meeanee 3/4 Jan 2014 Grand Prix: Huntly 24/25 Jan 2014
North Island: Stratford 13/14 Dec 2013
South Island: Nelson 28 Dec 2013

Stockcar Title Dates:

New Zealand: Palmerston North 28/29 Dec 2013
Grand Prix: Wanganui 6/7 Dec 2013
North Island: Wellington 21/22 Feb 2014
South Island: Woodford Glen 18 Jan 2014

Super Saloon Title Dates:

New Zealand: Waikaraka Park 10/11 Jan 2014
Grand Prix: Baypark 27 Dec 2013
North Island: Meeanee 21 Dec 2013
South Island: Cromwell 7 Feb 2014

Saloon Title Dates:

New Zealand: Stratford 17/18 Jan 2014
Grand Prix: Waikaraka Park 14/15 Feb 2014
North Island: Gisborne 22 Mar 2014
South Island: Riverside 15 Mar 2014

Sprint Car Title Dates:

New Zealand: Cromwell 10/11 Jan 2014
Grand Prix: Western Springs 8 Feb 2014
North Island: Baypark 1 Feb 2014
South Island: Riverside 31 Jan 2014

Midget Title Dates:

New Zealand: Western Springs 7 Dec 2013
Grand Prix: Ruapuna 24 Jan 2014
North Island: Kihikihi 11 Jan 2014
South Island: Nelson 15 Feb 2014

TQ Midget Title Dates:

New Zealand: Ruapuna 14/15 Feb 2014
Grand Prix: Nelson 11 Jan 2014
North Island: Western Springs 26/28 Dec 2013
South Island: Nelson 14 Dec 2013

Modified Title Dates:

New Zealand: Woodford Glen 3/4 Jan 2014
Grand Prix: Rotorua 21/22 Mar 2014
North Island: Waikaraka Park 29 Mar 2014
South Island: Greymouth 8 Mar 2014

Streetstock Title Dates:

New Zealand: Nelson 24/25 Jan 2014
Grand Prix: Riverside 18/19 Apr 2014
North Island: Waikaraka Park 22 Feb 2014
South Island: Greymotuh 22 Feb 2014

Minisprint Title Dates:

New Zealand: Stratford 28 Feb / 1 Mar 2014
Grand Prix: Waikaraka Park 15 Feb 2014
North Island: Wellington 1 Feb 2014
South Island:

Sidecar Title Dates:

New Zealand: Ruapuna 21/22 Feb 2014
Grand Prix: Rosebank 16 Mar 2014
North Island: Palmerston North 25 Jan 2014
South Island: Nelso 29 Mar 2014

Solo Title Dates:

New Zealand: Oreti Park 8 Feb 2014
Grand Prix: Moore Park 19 Apr 2014
North Island: Rosebank 2 Feb 2014
South Island: Ruapuna 21 Feb 2014

NZU21 Solo Title Dates:

New Zealand: Moore Park 4 Jan 2014

Dates subject to change

What’s on TV? Speedway! Sunday 23rd January

Weather isn’t the flashest across New Zealand this weekend so sit down to watch some nz speedway racing on TV One on Sunday 23rd.

Game On

2.00pm – Motor Cycling – Suzuki International Tri Series
3.30pm – Speedway – NZ Super Stock Champs
4.00pm – Speedway – NZ Sprint Car Champs
4.30pm – Speedway – NZ Stock Car Champs