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Speedway Events – What’s On – January 2013

Want to know what speedway events are on this January? Read on!

January Speedway Events


Speedway Events:

Weekend of the 25th-27th of January 2013:


Beachlands Speedway:

24/01/13 – International Sprint Car Speed Week, TQ Tri Nations Cup

Paradise Valley Raceway:

25/01/13 – World Invitation Superstock Champs, BOP Stockcars, Overseas Drivers Practice
26/01/13 – World Invitation Superstock Champs, Stockcar Teams Race, BOP Saloons, Superstocks in Paradise

Dargaville Speedway:

26/01/13 – Auckland Anniversary Weekend
27/01/13 – Auckland Anniversary Weekend

Waikaraka Park Speedway:

26/01/13 – Auckland Super Saloon Championship

Meeanee Speedway:

26/01/13 – International Solos Bikes

Oceanview Speedway:

26/01/13 – Production Saloons Champs

Wellington Speedway:

26/01/13 – Derby

Nelson Speedway:

26/01/13 – Tasman Thunder v Greymouth Grizzlies

Ruapuna Speedway:

25/01/13 – NZ Midget Car Champs
26/01/13 – NZ Midget Car Champs

Rosebank Speedway:

27/01/13 – Motorcycle Speedway Series

Weekend of the 18th-20th of January 2013:


Ruapuna Speedway:

17/01/13 now 18/01/13 – TQ Midget Tri-Nations, NZ TQ Grand PRix


Whangarei Speedway:

19/01/13 – C Grade & Production Saloon Trophy Dashes


Huntly Speedway:

19/01/13 – Club Meeting – Including Washworld Te Rapa New Year Sprint Car Dash


Ashburton Speedway:

19/01/13 – W.O.W Sth Island Sprint Car Series


Kihikihi Speedway:

19/01/13 – NZ Streetstock GP


Palmerston North Speedway:

19/01/13 -20/01/13 – New Zealand Stockcar Teams Champs


Woodford Glen Speedway:

18/01/13 -19/01/13 – NZ Superstock Grand Prix


Waikaraka Park Speedway:

19/01/13 – Modified Sportsman Super Dirt Cup 2013


Weekend of the 11th-13th of January 2013:


Rotorua Speedway:

11/01/13 – Club Night


Baypark Speedway:

12/01/13 – Round 4 Pro Dirt Super Saloon Series / Saloon Car Teams Race / Super Stock Best of the Rest Invitation


Waikaraka Park:

12/01/13 – Demon Energy Monster Truck, FMX and Stunt Tour


Stratford Speedway:

11/01/13 – 12/01/13 – DIGN4U Ltd and GJS NZ Ltd sponsored New Zealand Modified Championship


Nelson Speedway:

11/01/13 – 12/01/13 – NZ Home Loans NZ Superstock Championship


Moore Park Speedway:

12/01/13 – NZ Sidecar Championship


Dargaville Speedway:

13/01/13 – All Grades


Kaikohe Speedway:

13/01/13 – Race Meet featuring LTD Trophy & Super Saloon Trophy


More dates coming soon!

Note: Calendar subject to change. Always check with the host track for full information and meeting confirmation.

2012-2013 Speedway Season Opening Meeting Dates

After much anticipation, the 2012-2013 Speedway Season is finally here!

Opening Meetings for the SeasonMost tracks opening nights as per the below.

North Island Tracks:

  • Rosebank Speedway
    Opening Meeting: Sunday 7th October 2012
    Meeting 1: King of Rosebank
  • Western Springs Speedway
    Opening Meeting: Saturday 3rd November 2012
    Sprintcars: Midgets: TQs
  • Waikaraka Park Speedway
    Opening Meeting: Sunday 21st October 2012 NOW: Sat 27th October 2012
    City of Sails Stockcar Championship
  • Huntly Speedway
    Opening Meeting: Saturday 20th October 2012
    TWS Stockcar Championship & Valvoline Waikato Saloon Championship
  • Kihikihi Speedway
    Opening Meeting:  Friday 26th October 2012
    Season Opener & Fireworks Display
  • Baypark Speedway
    Opening Meeting: Saturday 20th October 2012
    Flamecrusher Top Half Midget Series Round 1
  • Paradise Valley Raceway, Rotorua
    Opening Meeting:  Saturday 3r November 2012
    Alan Forbes Transport Ltd Fireworks
  • Gisborne Speedway
    Opening Meeting: 3 November 2012
    Opening Meeting/ Family Fireworks/ Double Points
  • Meeanee Speedway
    Opening Meeting: Saturday 20th October 2012
    Superstocks Stockcars TQ Saloons Ministocks Streetstocks
  • Stratford Speedway
    Opening Meeting: Saturday 27th October 2012
    Opening night, City of New Plymouth Classic for Adult Ministocks, Saloons and Streetstocks
  • Ocean View Speedway, Wanganui
    Opening Meeting: Sunday 21st October 2012
    Opening Meeting – 40th Anniversary Weekend
  • Palmerston North Speedway
    Opening Meeting: Saturday 20th October 2012
    Grand Opening – All Classes
  • Wellington Speedway
    Opening Meeting: Sunday 21st October 2012 Fireworks November 3rd 2012

South Island Tracks:

    • Eastern States Speedway, Blenheim
      Opening Meeting: Saturday 3rd November 2012
      BNT/Pete Dixon Trophy
    • Greenstone Park Speedway, Greymouth
      Opening Day: Saturday 20th October 2012  NOW: Monday 1pm due to weather
      Sidecars pairs, TQs, Ministocks – Adult and Youth, Stockcars, Production Saloons, and Streetstocks.
    • Woodford Glen Speedway
      Opening Meeting: Saturday 20th October 2012
      Trophy Challenge – Opening Night All Grades Racing
    • Ruapuna Speedway
      Opening Meeting: Saturday 17 November 2012
      Round of SI Sprintcar Travelling Show
    • Moore Park Motorcycle Speedway
      Opening Meeting: Sunday 21st October 2012
      Sidecar Battle of the Twins
    • Central Motor Speedway, Cromwell
      Opening Meeting: Saturday 20th October 2012
    • Beachlands Speedway, Dunedin
      Opening Meeting: Saturday 29th September 2012
  • Oreti Park Speedway
    Opening Meeting: Saturday 10th November 2012
    Brian Reed Memorial Trophy for Solo’s Supporting Classes
  • Riverside Speedway
    Opening Meeting: Saturday 20th October 2012 NOW: 17 November 2012

Note: Dates subject to change. Always check with the host track for full information and meeting confirmation. If you have a correction to the above please leave a comment below.

Weekend Speedway Racing Videos across NZ

Here’s a collection of both highlights, full race videos, and other favourite videos from the weekend just gone, featuring races and crashes from speedway tracks around the country, thanks to those on YouTube.


NZ Stockcar Teams 2010 Wellington Night One

NZ Stockcar Teams Champs 2010. Wellington speedway. 10-12-2010


Huntly Speedway Highlights 11.12.10

Racing from mini stocks, midgets, mini sprints, saloons and production saloons… includes highlights from the midget 40 lapper (with the 67H midget fire).


Graham Standring Wins his 100th feature Western Springs – 3 News story

Shaun Summerfield from TV3 reports on Graham Standring outstanding 100th feature win achievement at Western Springs Speedway


11 Dec 2010 Baypark Speedway, Tauranga, NZ Super Saloon Heat Two

Carnage. Super Saloon Heat Two. Garry Edwards wins


Thunder at the Glen 11/11 — 3/3 – Woodford Glen Speedway

Join hosts Andrea Dijkstra & Tony Trewinnard for exciting coverage from AmPro Tools Woodford Glen Speedway of Super Saloons, A Grade Saloons, Production Saloons, Modifieds, Superstocks, Stockcars, Streetstocks & Ministocks!