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Speedway Events – What’s On – January 2013

Want to know what speedway events are on this January? Read on!

January Speedway Events


Speedway Events:

Weekend of the 25th-27th of January 2013:


Beachlands Speedway:

24/01/13 – International Sprint Car Speed Week, TQ Tri Nations Cup

Paradise Valley Raceway:

25/01/13 – World Invitation Superstock Champs, BOP Stockcars, Overseas Drivers Practice
26/01/13 – World Invitation Superstock Champs, Stockcar Teams Race, BOP Saloons, Superstocks in Paradise

Dargaville Speedway:

26/01/13 – Auckland Anniversary Weekend
27/01/13 – Auckland Anniversary Weekend

Waikaraka Park Speedway:

26/01/13 – Auckland Super Saloon Championship

Meeanee Speedway:

26/01/13 – International Solos Bikes

Oceanview Speedway:

26/01/13 – Production Saloons Champs

Wellington Speedway:

26/01/13 – Derby

Nelson Speedway:

26/01/13 – Tasman Thunder v Greymouth Grizzlies

Ruapuna Speedway:

25/01/13 – NZ Midget Car Champs
26/01/13 – NZ Midget Car Champs

Rosebank Speedway:

27/01/13 – Motorcycle Speedway Series

Weekend of the 18th-20th of January 2013:


Ruapuna Speedway:

17/01/13 now 18/01/13 – TQ Midget Tri-Nations, NZ TQ Grand PRix


Whangarei Speedway:

19/01/13 – C Grade & Production Saloon Trophy Dashes


Huntly Speedway:

19/01/13 – Club Meeting – Including Washworld Te Rapa New Year Sprint Car Dash


Ashburton Speedway:

19/01/13 – W.O.W Sth Island Sprint Car Series


Kihikihi Speedway:

19/01/13 – NZ Streetstock GP


Palmerston North Speedway:

19/01/13 -20/01/13 – New Zealand Stockcar Teams Champs


Woodford Glen Speedway:

18/01/13 -19/01/13 – NZ Superstock Grand Prix


Waikaraka Park Speedway:

19/01/13 – Modified Sportsman Super Dirt Cup 2013


Weekend of the 11th-13th of January 2013:


Rotorua Speedway:

11/01/13 – Club Night


Baypark Speedway:

12/01/13 – Round 4 Pro Dirt Super Saloon Series / Saloon Car Teams Race / Super Stock Best of the Rest Invitation


Waikaraka Park:

12/01/13 – Demon Energy Monster Truck, FMX and Stunt Tour


Stratford Speedway:

11/01/13 – 12/01/13 – DIGN4U Ltd and GJS NZ Ltd sponsored New Zealand Modified Championship


Nelson Speedway:

11/01/13 – 12/01/13 – NZ Home Loans NZ Superstock Championship


Moore Park Speedway:

12/01/13 – NZ Sidecar Championship


Dargaville Speedway:

13/01/13 – All Grades


Kaikohe Speedway:

13/01/13 – Race Meet featuring LTD Trophy & Super Saloon Trophy


More dates coming soon!

Note: Calendar subject to change. Always check with the host track for full information and meeting confirmation.

2012-2013 Speedway Season Opening Meeting Dates

After much anticipation, the 2012-2013 Speedway Season is finally here!

Opening Meetings for the SeasonMost tracks opening nights as per the below.

North Island Tracks:

  • Rosebank Speedway
    Opening Meeting: Sunday 7th October 2012
    Meeting 1: King of Rosebank
  • Western Springs Speedway
    Opening Meeting: Saturday 3rd November 2012
    Sprintcars: Midgets: TQs
  • Waikaraka Park Speedway
    Opening Meeting: Sunday 21st October 2012 NOW: Sat 27th October 2012
    City of Sails Stockcar Championship
  • Huntly Speedway
    Opening Meeting: Saturday 20th October 2012
    TWS Stockcar Championship & Valvoline Waikato Saloon Championship
  • Kihikihi Speedway
    Opening Meeting:  Friday 26th October 2012
    Season Opener & Fireworks Display
  • Baypark Speedway
    Opening Meeting: Saturday 20th October 2012
    Flamecrusher Top Half Midget Series Round 1
  • Paradise Valley Raceway, Rotorua
    Opening Meeting:  Saturday 3r November 2012
    Alan Forbes Transport Ltd Fireworks
  • Gisborne Speedway
    Opening Meeting: 3 November 2012
    Opening Meeting/ Family Fireworks/ Double Points
  • Meeanee Speedway
    Opening Meeting: Saturday 20th October 2012
    Superstocks Stockcars TQ Saloons Ministocks Streetstocks
  • Stratford Speedway
    Opening Meeting: Saturday 27th October 2012
    Opening night, City of New Plymouth Classic for Adult Ministocks, Saloons and Streetstocks
  • Ocean View Speedway, Wanganui
    Opening Meeting: Sunday 21st October 2012
    Opening Meeting – 40th Anniversary Weekend
  • Palmerston North Speedway
    Opening Meeting: Saturday 20th October 2012
    Grand Opening – All Classes
  • Wellington Speedway
    Opening Meeting: Sunday 21st October 2012 Fireworks November 3rd 2012

South Island Tracks:

    • Eastern States Speedway, Blenheim
      Opening Meeting: Saturday 3rd November 2012
      BNT/Pete Dixon Trophy
    • Greenstone Park Speedway, Greymouth
      Opening Day: Saturday 20th October 2012  NOW: Monday 1pm due to weather
      Sidecars pairs, TQs, Ministocks – Adult and Youth, Stockcars, Production Saloons, and Streetstocks.
    • Woodford Glen Speedway
      Opening Meeting: Saturday 20th October 2012
      Trophy Challenge – Opening Night All Grades Racing
    • Ruapuna Speedway
      Opening Meeting: Saturday 17 November 2012
      Round of SI Sprintcar Travelling Show
    • Moore Park Motorcycle Speedway
      Opening Meeting: Sunday 21st October 2012
      Sidecar Battle of the Twins
    • Central Motor Speedway, Cromwell
      Opening Meeting: Saturday 20th October 2012
    • Beachlands Speedway, Dunedin
      Opening Meeting: Saturday 29th September 2012
  • Oreti Park Speedway
    Opening Meeting: Saturday 10th November 2012
    Brian Reed Memorial Trophy for Solo’s Supporting Classes
  • Riverside Speedway
    Opening Meeting: Saturday 20th October 2012 NOW: 17 November 2012

Note: Dates subject to change. Always check with the host track for full information and meeting confirmation. If you have a correction to the above please leave a comment below.

What’s on at Speedway – Easter Weekend 2012

Plenty of speedway racing going down this Easter at a track near you

What’s on at Speedway – Easter Weekend 2012

Just a taste of  some of the many things on this weekend, (weather permitting of course) include:


Hickey Contractors Easter Extravaganza

Saturday & Sunday at 6pm – Paradise Valley Rotorua. See rotoruaspeedway.co.nz for info, updates, and cancellations.


Peter Barry Teams

Friday & Saturday 6pm – 6th & 7th April – ZM Meeanee Speedway. See meeaneespeedway.co.nz for info, updates, and cancellations.


Warren Metals SMASHFEST VI

Easter Saturday 6pm – Waikaraka Park. See waikarakafamilyspeedway.co.nz for info, updates, and cancellations.


Peter Barry Teams Derby Championship

Easter Saturday 6pm – Robertson Holden International Speedway. See pnspeedway.co.nz for info, updates, and cancellations.


Easter Stampede, C.T.R.A Titles & Demo Derby

12noon Friday, 11am Saturday and 10am Sunday – Kaikohe Speedway. See kaikohecarclub.com for info, updates, and cancellations.


South Island Sprintcar Champs

Saturday 7th – Central Speedway (Cromwell). See centralmotorspeedway.co.nz for info, updates, and cancellations.


Stockcar & Production Open

Saturday 7th at 7pm – Eastern States Speedway. See easternstatesspeedway.co.nz for info, updates, and cancellations.


South Island Sidecar Championship & Solor Easter Challenge Cup

Saturday 7th at 1pm – Moore Park Motorcycle Speedway (Canterbury). See moorepark.co.nz for info, updates, and cancellations.


Southland Champs, Streetstock Teams and Chain Race

Friday 6th at 2pm – Riverside Speedway. See riversidespeedway.co.nz for info, updates, and cancellations.


Auckland Solo Championship 2011/12

Sunday 8th at 1pm – Rosebank Speedway, Auckland. See rosebankspeedway.co.nz for info, updates, and cancellations.



Please make sure you check with your local track for any changes or cancellations.