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Kihikihi Speedway – Blackout’s Day in the Dirt – Sunday 29 April 2012

Get along to Kihikihi Speedway this Sunday and check it out:

Day in the dirt

Blackout’s Day in the Dirt – McDonalds Kihikihi Speedway

featuring the Farmline King Country Stockcar Champs, the 0800 Car Breakers King Country Saloon Champs, the Champion Oils Waikato Sprintcar Champs and of course the Central Metals Demolition Derby

When: Racing starts 1.00pm, Sunday, 29 April 2012
Where: McDonalds Kihikihi Speedway, Oliver Street, Kihikihi
Prices: Adults $20, Children (15 and under) $15, Family $40

For more information see: kihikihispeedway.co.nz


What’s on at Speedway – Easter Weekend 2012

Plenty of speedway racing going down this Easter at a track near you

What’s on at Speedway – Easter Weekend 2012

Just a taste of  some of the many things on this weekend, (weather permitting of course) include:


Hickey Contractors Easter Extravaganza

Saturday & Sunday at 6pm – Paradise Valley Rotorua. See rotoruaspeedway.co.nz for info, updates, and cancellations.


Peter Barry Teams

Friday & Saturday 6pm – 6th & 7th April – ZM Meeanee Speedway. See meeaneespeedway.co.nz for info, updates, and cancellations.


Warren Metals SMASHFEST VI

Easter Saturday 6pm – Waikaraka Park. See waikarakafamilyspeedway.co.nz for info, updates, and cancellations.


Peter Barry Teams Derby Championship

Easter Saturday 6pm – Robertson Holden International Speedway. See pnspeedway.co.nz for info, updates, and cancellations.


Easter Stampede, C.T.R.A Titles & Demo Derby

12noon Friday, 11am Saturday and 10am Sunday – Kaikohe Speedway. See kaikohecarclub.com for info, updates, and cancellations.


South Island Sprintcar Champs

Saturday 7th – Central Speedway (Cromwell). See centralmotorspeedway.co.nz for info, updates, and cancellations.


Stockcar & Production Open

Saturday 7th at 7pm – Eastern States Speedway. See easternstatesspeedway.co.nz for info, updates, and cancellations.


South Island Sidecar Championship & Solor Easter Challenge Cup

Saturday 7th at 1pm – Moore Park Motorcycle Speedway (Canterbury). See moorepark.co.nz for info, updates, and cancellations.


Southland Champs, Streetstock Teams and Chain Race

Friday 6th at 2pm – Riverside Speedway. See riversidespeedway.co.nz for info, updates, and cancellations.


Auckland Solo Championship 2011/12

Sunday 8th at 1pm – Rosebank Speedway, Auckland. See rosebankspeedway.co.nz for info, updates, and cancellations.



Please make sure you check with your local track for any changes or cancellations.

Smashfest V – Easter Weekend 2011 – Waikaraka Park

Smashfest is without question NZ’s premier Demo Derby event; you won’t find anything that compares anywhere in the world.

UPDATE: Looking for Smashfest VI – 2012


Smashfest V

When: 22-23 April 2011, 5-9.30pm

Where: Waikaraka Park Family Speedway, 175 Neilson Street, Onehunga, Auckland

Cost: Child $10, Adult $30, Family $70


Smashfest has been so popular over the last few years the stadium has been packed to capacity and thousands without pre-purchased tickets have been turned away. We’re over having to deny anyone a piece of the action. So for the first time ever we’re holding TWO different shows over two nights, Fri 22nd and Sat 23rd April!

Two nights of fender bending spectacular action will include so much adrenalin-packed metal crunching carnage both spectators and participants won’t want to blink. This Easter bring your family and friends to watch the pure unadulterated fun, or drive in the Smashfest bash for cash and be the last car moving to win $10,000!


Want can you expect to see at Smashfest this year?

Friday 22nd April 2011
Stunts by Stuntcorp including ‘The Dominos of Death’ , 1500 Horsepower Monster truck & 3 chances to win a ride, Teams Demolition Derby racing, Jalopy Racing, Gauntlet Challenge, Pyros, Smashfest Streetstock Streetwars Champs, The V8 Executioner Car, Outlaw V8 burn-out Competition, Clowns & Lollies, Roll-overs & Ramp Jumps, KidsFest Trolley Derby, Clowns & Lollies.

Saturday 23rd April 2011
Stunt by Stuntcorp featuring a Massive Hollywood Style barrel roll ramp jump through a caravan, Monster Truck, Teams Derby Finals, Smashfest Streetstock Streetwars Finals, Gaunlet Challenge, Massive Fireworks & Pyro Display, V8 Outlaw burn-out Comp finals, The V8 Executioner Car, Roll-overs & Ramp Jumps, World Record attempt Demolition Derby.


For more information on Smashfest see smashfest.co.nz and get your tickets NOW from iticket.co.nz before they sell out!

Baypark Results – Meeting #09 – Caravan Derby & Demolition Derby

Results from Baypark Speedway’s Caravan Derby and Demolition Derby on 15th of January 2011.

Caravan Derby – Winner:

1st Ryan Decke


Demolition Derby – Winner:

1st Chris Traill



Heat 1
1st 66 Skinny Colson
2nd 14 Bradley Tyrrell
3rd 6 James Dahm
Heat 2
1st 66 Skinny Colson
2nd 69 Colin Entwisle
3rd 14 Bradley Tyrrell
1st 14 Bradley Tyrrell
2nd 66 Skinny Colson
3rd 6 James Dahm


Heat 1
1st 45 Paul Cressy
2nd 51 Tony Heuvel
3rd 271 Steve Cowling
Heat 2
1st 2NZ Brent McClymont
2nd 69 Jeff Barron
3rd 272 Chris Cowling
1st 2NZ Brent McClymont
2nd 69 Jeff Barron
3rd 75 Michelle Wymer


Heat 1
1st 84 Ryan Smyth
2nd 45 Dane Livingstone
3rd 29 Ryan Hunt
Heat 2
1st 36 Mark Caldwell
2nd 45 Dane Livingstone
3rd 35 Eben Young
1st 29 Ryan Hunt
2nd 97 Stacy Keach
3rd 84 Ryan Smyth


Heat 1
1st 43 Jason Gillon
2nd 87 Josh Henstock
3rd 96 Ryan Henstock
Heat 2
1st 16 Philip Pitman
2nd 87 Josh Henstock
3rd 96 Ryan Henstock
1st 24 Cole Wood
2nd 72 Shane Wilson
3rd 87 Josh Henstock